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Give Teachers Guns… I Have Been Saying It For 10 Years

For ten years I have been saying arm the teachers.  Those that have CCW’s (Carry Concelled Weapons Permit) let them carry at school.  NO ONE needs to know who they are, only that someone may have them.

I have even said give them a little extra training if necessary.

Let these ruthless, heartless killers realize that schools are no longer gun free zones.  Stricter gun laws only prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.  American citizens need to be armed with the same weapons as the bad guys.

Jim Blockey



About Jim Blockey

Teacher in the Clark County School District for 20 years. Author of "Teachers... It Ain't Your Fault." Terminated from the school district the same week the book was published. A very Conservative Christian that stood up to the system for my beliefs. I believe that there is nothing more important than education in America... if we continue on this trek we will one day lose our freedoms and our capitalistic society.


2 thoughts on “Give Teachers Guns… I Have Been Saying It For 10 Years

  1. You have to give teachers bravery as well…Just because you have a weapon and some training does not mean you have the “heart” to defend your students against an automatic riffle carrying psychopath out for blood….

    Posted by Donald Edwards II | March 5, 2013, 12:44 pm

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