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American Federation of Teachers Union (AFT) Wants to Encourage Disruptive Behavior for Minorities

The AFT had a “Racial Equity Task Force” gathering in St. Louis, Missouri this past August.  In this gathering they decided “To shift schools away from suspensions for unruly or dangerous students and instead use ‘restorative justice’ and other means to keep them in schools despite their bad behavior.”  They believed this idea would save … Continue reading

Who Gets the Credit!!!!

*Bear in mind, whatever you are successful in give God the credit. If you truly desire credit for something, take credit for being obedient to God.
*If you are not successful do not blame others.
*Note: Teachers can only disseminate the information; it is the student’s assignment to receive it. Just as a quarterback can only throw the ball; it is up to the receiver to catch it.
* Great Teachers do not make great students; Great Students make great teachers.


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